Bionic robot refers to the mechanical and electrical system with superior performance designed according to the principle of bionics and imitating biological structure and motion characteristics. It has gradually shown a good application prospect in the environment of anti-terrorist and bomb-defusing, space exploration, emergency and disaster relief that is not suitable for human to undertake tasks. According to the working environment, bionic robot can be divided into three categories: land bionic robot, air bionic robot and underwater bionic robot. It is pointed out that the bionic robot has gone through three stages: original exploration, macroform and motion bionics, and partial fusion of electromechanical system and biological performance. Analysis found that exist in the current research of biological movement mechanism is not deep, structural design, material application, drive and control mode is mostly more traditional, low energy efficiency, caused the bionic robot from macro to micro and there are significant differences, is far from practical application. Bionic robot is developing towards the direction of life-like system with rigid-flexible hybrid structure, bionic structure, material and drive integration, fine control of neurons and efficient energy conversion. As an actuator, the hand has high technical requirements in the whole field of bionic robot due to its small size, high degree of freedom and high integration.



When bionic hand and robotic arm are installed on the remote assistance robot, coupled with 5G network, 3D camera and chassis, and also by means of motion capture gloves, precise controller, autonomous control or other control technics, the tele-robot can replace human to enter unsafe areas, while operators control the robot remotely without limitation of distance.







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